Tinted day moisturizer SPF 30

Moisturizer | Golden glow | UVA & UVB rays | Fair skins

A free flowing and privileged day cream with 30 SPF for all skin types. Perfect for fair skins which are sensitive to the sun. It spreads amazingly well, is instantly absorbed, and is not at all oily. Its natural color gives an overall tone to the skin granting it a golden glow! The moisturizer offers excellent protection from the sun’s dangerous UVB rays, which, as known, can cause burning. It also protects against the harmful UVA rays, which deeply penetrate the skin and have, as a result, the increase of melanin and the formation of dusky blotches.

Directions of use: Used as a protective hydrating facial cream throughout the whole day.

FL-152 | 100ml | €40.00

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