Lifting Cream Gel

Free radicals | Cream gel | Stimulate | Lifting effect | Cell renewal

A free flowing cream-gel with a high molecular concentration of botanical ingredients, which in combination with other vital hydrating elements, softens the skin giving it a feeling of silkiness! The Hibiscus peptides contained in its exquisite and unique formula, impart a tightening and lifting effect to the oval of the face, minimize the appearance of expression lines, stimulate fibroblasts of cell renewal, encourage the composition of connective fibers, accelerate the natural defense mechanisms, combat the development and destructive action of free radicals, and reduce the signs of premature ageing. Carotene and rich oily extracts of St. John’s Wort and Dunalliela saline, give this cream gel a natural peach color. Additionally, the delicate softening effect of Malva and Honeysuckle calms the skin and renovates its impaired structure, making it throb with life and radiance.

Directions of use: Apply the product under your day or night cream as a special care supplement whenever necessary. This lifting cream-gel consists of an excellent base for makeup and is ideal for the sun protective powder SPF 17 (Ref. FL 200 – 202).

FL-783 | 50ml | €40.00

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