Gentle Mascara Remover

Eyelids | Exclusive product | Refined product

This is a refined, easy and economical product to use in the form of ointment, for gentle and effective removal of water-resistant mascara and other makeup, around eye contour. It contains golden Jojoba wax to protect the delicate eye area from drying. The ointment melts upon contact with the skin making the cleaning process very simple. In the formula of this exclusive product, any substances that could cause allergic reaction to the eyes have been omitted.

Directions of use: With eyes closed and using clean fingers, spread a small quantity onto the eyelids. With gentle massage movements, dissolve away makeup. In continuance, wipe several times with a damp tissue or moist cotton pad, until all traces of makeup have been removed.

FL-098 | 40ml | €14.00

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