Facial Scrub

Blackheads | Whiteheads | T zone | Clogged pores

An exceptional patented facial peeling with Dead Sea mineral crystals and Pineapple enzymes. It removes the dead cells, which make the skin dull and dismal, deliberating it from impurities. At the same time improves the texture, restores vividness and leaves the skin soft and fresh. This peeling is unique as it guides, like a “timer”, telling one when to stop! The crystal particles contained in the product are activated when they come into contact with water, and dissolve with friction in a short space of time. The innovated and unequaled Fresh Look peeling stimulates and triggers the process of Osmosis on the skin. It helps nourish skin cells “from within”, unclogs the pores, and purifies the skin ridding it of waste.

Directions of use: Apply the scrub to both cheeks. With moist fingertips, gently massage face and neck giving special attention to the “T” zone (forehead, nose fins, and chin), avoiding eye area, until crystals are dissolved. Focus on the problematic areas where there is oiliness, impurities, white and/or blackheads. If required, moisten your fingers again and continue massaging until the crystals have totally dissolved (usually after 30 – 60 seconds). Rinse with plenty of cold water and then dry. For spectacular results, continue with spreading 1 – 2 drops of Bio Serum (Ref. FL 395) all over the face and neck, tapping until completely absorbed. Result: Your epidermis will throb with freshness and will be radiant!

FL-180 | 50ml | €18.00

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