Dead Sea Local Drying Lotion

Pimples and spots | Acne prone skin | Treatment of acne

A natural Dead Sea mineral suspension for local application on blemished areas intended for oily acne prone skin. It contains an optimal blend of herbal extracts (Echinacea, Witch Hazel, Sage, Lavender, and Thyme) that maintain the hygiene of oily skin, purify, and absorb impurities, waste, and perspiration from the skin’s surface without over drying it. A remarkable product, that effectively helps in the treatment of acne.

Directions of use: Apply this superb lotion every night (with the special spatula incorporated in the lid of the product) to the required spots and leave on overnight. Due to the product’s mineral contents, a slight tingling may be felt when applied to the skin. This is normal and the sensation will quickly disappear as the lotion dries. Shake well before use!

FL-010 | 30ml | €25.00

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