Bio Serum

Serum | Dry skin | Around the eyes | Skin tone | Restore skin

The Biological Serum complements the specialized facial peeling. This transparent, silky fluid reveals during application, an unsuspecting grandeur to the skin. After peeling, the skin will absorb the bio serum within seconds and it will gain a healthy and radiant appearance. The qualitative unparalleled bio serum stimulates the microcirculation and helps in the composition of collagen giving the skin bursts of energy! It is a pure unpreserved fluid and contains precious natural oils (Babassu, Marigold, and Wheat Germ) together with vitamins (A, E and F).

Directions of use: Apply a few drops of Bio Serum all over the face and neck, after exfoliation. The serum is an excellent base for makeup. A single drop is sufficient to give a perfect finish to the skin, in combination with the stunning Powder Foundation SPF 17 (Ref. FL 200).

FL-395 | 30ml | €35.00

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