24 hrs Wrinkle Relaxing Facial Cream

Advanced composition | Facial cream | All skin types

With its chronobiological and advanced composition, this priceless, anti wrinkle cream helps the spectacular reduction of wrinkles and expression lines after only a few days of use. It contains excellent emollient oils such as Phytosterols, Shea Butter and vegetable Squalane for optimal skin softening. The valuable moisturizing humectants and novel hydrocaptors, which it contains, activate the collagen renewal mechanisms and strengthen the elastin fibres offering a unique “plumping” effect on the skin and reduction of wrinkles with visible results. Additional flower extracts that are included, contribute to the soothing effect of this unrivaled product suitable for all skin types.

Directions of use: Lightly massage with circular movements all over the face and neck until completely absorbed.

FL-787 | 50ml | €40.00

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