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About the Dead Sea

Located 422 meters below the sea surface at the lowest level of our planet!  The high salt concentration in its waters as well as the unique contents of those waters and salts, all contribute to the Dead Sea unique medicinal and therapeutic properties that are known to man and have been recognized for thousands of years.

The Dead Sea contains over 21 minerals that have proven to beautify the skin, keep it healthy, velvety, and youthful.  Even plants growing along the shores of the sea have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and valuable essential oils, which are used in dermatology cosmetics and medicine.  The major minerals encountered in the Dead Sea, are essential for the proper function of skin cells, its health and beauty.  That which makes Dead Sea products so exceptional and clinically beneficial is their source, a unique mix of sunlight and oxygen-rich atmosphere, along with their geological characteristics.

The mineral salts and mud of the Dead Sea have an inimitable healing and beautifying effect on the skin.  People who face problems such as psoriasis and eczema, by just swimming and soaking in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, experience relief and improvement in their problem.  Dead Sea minerals are known to cure several abnormalities and skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, eliminating toxins, and stimulating blood circulation.

Dermatologists all over the world prescribe patients with skin disorders, to take mineral baths in the Dead Sea!  Today, the reputation of the Dead Sea for healing, rejuvenation and renewal, is growing rapidly! Millions of visitors travel to the Holy Land throughout the year and enjoy among other experiences, qualitative spa days on the sunny beaches of the Dead Sea.

Why use the mineral components of the Dead Sea in skin care?

The skin, as explained above, is a semi-permeable membrane that responds to osmotic pressure by either absorbing moisture or releasing toxins and impurities.  The minerals contained in Dead Sea water, act as important catalysts among the numerous metabolic processes involved, in benefiting the skin, such as improvement of cell function and so on.

Why use Dead Sea mineral components in oily acne skin care?

There is no life in the waters of the Dead Sea. This means that the waters are capable of killing microorganisms. If correctly used Dead Sea water, mud or salts, offer excellent results and are invaluable as natural antimicrobial for acne prone skin.

The healing values of the Dead Sea through the velvety touch of Fresh Look premium dead sea products!

FRESH LOOK:  Internationally recognized high standard quality products of Israderm Ltd, with unique cosmetic properties.

With highly advanced formulas of herbs, minerals, trace elements, and other active ingredients from the Dead Sea, they ensure a healthy skin, granting to it the best that exists to date, in the world of cosmetology!

Dead Sea Fresh Look Skin Care Products

The extensive series of FRESH LOOK products, moisturize deeply, dramatically reduce wrinkles, combat (with the correcting cluster of photo-protectors which they contain) free radicals and premature aging;  at the same time, helping the skin to regain its lost freshness, firmness, velvety appearance and irresistible radiance!

The sophisticated and highly developed technology maintained by FRESH LOOK, acts as a “remote control” enabling the user to offer her/his skin an outstanding beneficial influence “from within”, through a “triple action process”:

Exfoliation - It is well known that the soft and careful removal of dead cells from the upper layers of the epidermis contributes to the regeneration of new cells and consequently, a new layer of skin.  This, results in the improvement of elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, minimizing of defects and damages caused by the sun and /or other environmental factors on the skin.

Osmosis - The skin reacts to osmotic pressure as a semi-permeable membrane. FRESH LOOK products intervene as a catalyst, moisturizing, softening and tightening the skin according to its needs, while simultaneously improving cell function.

Protection - Through the FRESH LOOK products care programme, particular attention is given to the demands and needs of each individual type of skin, for gentle care and protection.

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