Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts

Mineral salts | Osmotic pressure | Body relaxation | Holistic body

Natural Dead Sea minerals, when dissolved in water, exert osmotic pressure on the skin’s semi-permeable membrane. This has a stimulating effect on the capillaries, accelerating cell turnover and waste disposal through the skin. The minerals tend to prolong the water’s heat retention, a fact that may have a beneficial outcome on various body areas.

Directions of use: Dissolve 3 – 4 soup spoonfuls in a hot bath. If desired, essential oils may be added in appropriate amounts, to boost relaxation and/or other “holistic” bath experiences. After relaxing for 10 – 15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and rest for a few minutes. Then apply Body Moisturizer (Ref. FL 063) for perfect results. Do not use Dead Sea minerals on broken or grazed skin.

FL-4005 | 1000ml | €12.00

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