Bio Mineral Foot Balsam

Foot spa | Soles of feet | Fresh feet

An effective cream that is rich in natural active ingredients and essential oils. It softens and protects the soles of the feet and prevents cracks. It contains a wealth of herbal extracts (Knotweed and Aloe), Mediterranean resins, and essential oils (Myrrh, Sandalwood, Propolis, and Styrax) to improve the hygiene of the feet. Natural Jojoba wax, offers silkiness to the non-greasy formula of this excellent product, which is easily absorbed after a short massage. This biological cream softens and refines the skin of the feet, freshens and relieves, leaving them after use, clean, velvety, and graciously aromatic.

Directions of use: Ensure that the feet are clean and dry. Massage the soles thoroughly once or twice a day. The combination of its use with exfoliating foot scrub (Ref. FL 254) gives spectacular results.

FL-060 | 125ml | €8.00

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