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in the field of cosmetics in Cyprus

A message from the managing director

All the treasures of the Dead Sea for rejuvenation and protection of your skin!

What could be more enticing for a woman than to highlight her natural beauty, accentuate her personality, live joyfully, and be truly happy!

For 26 years now, we are continuously pursuing the discovery of everlasting youthfulness! We may not have yet found the spring of youth, but feel, with our exquisite and superior in quality Dead Sea FRESH LOOK beauty products, that we are close enough, because they have proved, with spectacular results, that they really “work” “from within”, for the preservation of woman’s natural beauty, constituting the prime need to protect her skin against chronobiology! We wish, with the use of our “charismatic” products, for a woman, not simply to feel unique but to be unique! Our ambition is to make the lives and every single day of all women, beautiful, important, and exceptional.

The world famous Dead Sea skin care products FRESH LOOK, with their refined and sophisticated technology of EXFOLIATION - OSMOSIS - PROTECTION for “inner beauty of the skin”, intervene as a catalyst and support through their “triple action”, a perfectly healthy skin, giving it the best there is today, in the world of cosmetics! FRESH LOOK are natural cosmetics of top most quality, enriched with exclusive formulas of herbs, flower extracts, mineral salts, trace elements and other active ingredients based on the unique healing values of the Dead Sea! The FRESH LOOK products through their extensive range, moisturize deeply, dramatically reduce wrinkles, combat (with the photo-protection complex they contain) free radicals and premature aging and additionally help the skin to regain its lost freshness, firmness, velvety smooth appearance and irresistible radiance.

The unprecedented and innovative products FRESH LOOK, manufactured under high standard conditions (GMPc, 76/768/EEC, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22716:2007) are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and come in luxurious, sealed packaging with expiry dates!

Last but by no means least, through this message, I would like to warmly thank YOU, our wonderful customers, for the trust and loyalty you have shown over the years towards our products and company, because through these priceless and precious elements, we derive our inexhaustible and inborn incentive for continuous perfection and progress.

pic-YiallourosEvangelos A. Yiallouros
Vanguard’s Managing Director


The House of VANGUARD LTD is a solid establishment and a leading company in the field of cosmetics in Cyprus, enjoying prominent success over 26 years under exclusivity, with acclaimed international French brand names of superior quality, visibly effective and skin compatible products.

Therefore, within the endless bay of Vanguards world of beauty, one can discover exciting, dynamic and extensive ranges of very sophisticated and selective, premium beauty care products, which are within easy reach of today's contemporary and demanding woman.

Crossing the threshold of the millennium, the woman's feminity, personality and life style, dominate from one profile to the other. Vanguard, fully reciprocating and devoted to this concept, offers impeccable and aristocratic products, that restore the perfect balance between the skin and the environment, thus giving to it, a priceless awakening of vitality, resilience, freshness and youthful appearance.

Premises & Installation

At Vanguards luxurious "State of the Art" Central Offices in Larnaca, so much the business associates of the company, as well as the most particular consumers, can be instantly provided, in an atmosphere of elegant opulence, with professional advice in the use of the products, by qualified sales executives of the company, who will ensure methodical canvassing and efficient customer service.

Additionally Vanguard, so that it can be even closer to its people, created an e-commerce online store, to give excellent service to its clients and complete the noble image and colossal status of the company.


Apart from Vanguards Beauty Centre, there simultaneously exists, a wide number of selective distribution channels of business associates, consisting of luxurious hairdressing salons, first class beauty institutes and professional beauty therapists, as well as prominent pharmacies and perfumery shops.

Skin Diagnostic – Electronic Services

At Vanguards Head Offices, clients will have the useful and very valuable opportunity of experiencing the skin diagnostic electronic (computer) services, offered by the company. With this unique facility, each respective customer will verify in just 20 seconds, the current condition of their type of skin, its degree of hydration, and its alkaline or acidity (pH) trend.

Qualified beauty consultant experts of Vanguard, will carry out this procedure and give professional advice, thus creating mutual confidence and trust between the client, the products and the company. The customer will leave the centre, fully satisfied and loaded with informative literature, samples and instructions of use, together with the knowledge that, the products she/he has attained, are those exclusively suited to her/his particular skin.

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